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Cost Of Solar Power

cost of solar power What does it cost and how much land is needed to get all the electricity in the U.S. solar energy?

possible Im just curious as whether this is even. How total power used on average for the U.S.? How much do this many solar panels or other systems to generate electricity from the sun? I'm trying to figure out an estimate of how much it would cost to get all the electricity used in the solar energy us.

15 Watt 38in x 13in = 494sqIn this scale by a factor of 1 million watts 15Mega = 494 000 000 494 000 000 sqin square inch = 78.75 acres so far 15Mega Watts 78.75 Panel 1 million hectares needs can scale like this to SqMiles (640 acres = 1 sqMile) Note of the area is not considered extra space between the panels. It takes extra space so you can walk between them to be able to service, etc. 15 * (640/78.75) = 121.9 MW / SqMile 1000000 * (640/78.75) = 8126985 * $ 100each = $ 812,698,400 so far that is more than $ 812 million dollars and that is powerful enough to replace a nuclear power plant. You'll need more land 1 thousand square meters, will have additional hard goods to mount the panels. So you can quadruple the cost and area requirements millones 3248000 dollars (without include the purchase of land) on 4 square miles, with 32,507,940 (32.5 million) solar panels Why four times the cost? Remember that the panels are only exposed to a value 1 / 2 day of light so you need at least twice the capacity to store half of what is generated in batteries for nighttime use. And that's being generous to assume that you get 100% efficiency and no cloudy days. The additional cost of batteries, wire, solar trackers, etc. are only partly in this estimation. Then, there are maintenance costs to keep the panels operating at peak performance and replace the damage. (Imagine what a hail storm do) And all this to replace a single 120 mega watt power plant.