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Diy Solar Power Generator

diy solar power generator Really cheap power grid, totally DIY?

So I would love to be greener. So far I have replaced some units with Energy Star rated beings regularly clean my washable A / C filter, use a programmable thermostat, added insulation recycled, replaced all flouresents light bulbs with compact. I have done almost everything I can to save energy, but I'd really like to start producing energy. You can not afford to spend 100s or 1000s of dollars on solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cells, etc. .. I'm working on a HHO generator in my car, but I would like to produce some energy in all the DIY Network. Is that possible? I suppose I could build something to generate wind power, but what about actually getting gradually power connected to my electrical system? If I could spend 100 dollars to save 5 or 10 a month, would be happy.

It's a good idea to supplement their diets, But connecting your own generating equipment for the electricity network is not DIY. First, you must obtain permission from the electric company connect their own computer to the network. Before grant such approval, you will need to inspect your equipment and validate your installation. Probably need to be installed and connected by an electrician who is licensed in some way to perform this specific task. Also, you probably will want to see the equipment made by a manufacturer known and certified. Second, even if they bypass the legal requirements, the grid has a regulated voltage, frequency and phase. Connection of his own team will be required to match the voltage, frequency and phase. Unless you do that, bad things can (and probably) happen. This is the reason for the first obstacle. You can buy power generation equipment to handle these governors, and the match phase devices. If the use of wind turbines, there are also Special sets of variable speed. But this equipment is expensive. You are talking of many thousands (perhaps tens of) dollars. Far from the few hundred who looking to move. However, if you leave some things off of the network, then you could use your own generator for those, but faces problems of reliability.