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Kitchen appliances 2010 How to face the challenges low-carbon

Traditional home appliances over the years have also been developed and modified by national standards governing the electrical manufacturing standards, while many channels such as household items to rural policies, the system tradein, accelerating past the replacement of some high-energy consumption products old. electric kitchen products consumed natural gas, LPG and other energy electricity saving is essential to do so, lowcarbon, energy saving environmental protection have been a revolution!

In 2009, the overall proportion of Industry household small appliances, all kinds of circumstances, small appliances accounted for 65.1%, the smoke, the stoves, disinfecting the firm and integrated heating apparatus placed in four combination kitchen, decorating the home as soon as the necessary condition and disturbing article. Kitchen electric current situation is a serious product homogeneity, price wars strong strategy, the performance of the brand is not clear, which showed a clear mismatch between supply and demand characteristics, therefore, in the new year, especially where the economy lowcarbon happened, how to adopt a new strategy to meet new challenges such as power companies have a kitchen consider the proposal.

After all, a necessary condition for the conservation of energy

Climate Forum Copenhagen conference, the Chinese government promised emissions by 40% to 45% in 2020, China carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP in 2005 declined 40% to 45%. China was officially established in January 2010 as Director of the State Council Wen Jiabao of the State Energy Commission shows that the government is committed to the conservation of energy is strong. On energy saving environmental protection is destined to become a prerequisite for development. At present several types of company savings environment stoves have seen, as the commitment to 18 "internal rotation Fire" technology, R & D units Superman, gas stove 26% its products 30% savings, Guangzhou U.S. production of rotary infrared oven, stove enamelled gold production smoke without Green Patent, the last low-power ovens developed Shun Tin boxes are one of the pioneers in this field.

Innovation or the appearance more direct

Aspect of innovation or innovation to become a kitchen of the most direct way to power. Uniformity product, based on performance to become more cost efficiency can be a determining factor for the appearance of winning depend the unique vision of consumer purchasing. Kitchen Appliances gave "steel" impression, stainless steel or high density color or glass panels, clean and generous, while people are a little less rigid. Change the noble art of things to cold, modern kitchen, elegant, this is also sought after 80 manufacturers have to think about some topic.Awareness manufacturers in Shunde has this road, and the increasing concentration R & D. Indicator Dragon subindustry kitchen is a group intelligence is a very essence of Chinese culture, China being soft elements, such as china blue and white, perforation of the Po successfully imported, while the industry exquisite crafts table cleverly transplanted Devices Industry the same time, improve product performance perfect product appearance, combined with the realization of Chinese elements in the kitchen Beixian exclusive!

Intelligent Technology for Development

Intelligent cooking appliances has made many consumers feel your convenience, how to make kitchen appliances also have a "brain" mean? Also use the stove to cook in the booking form which became the subject of manufacturers willing to develop.Side cooking while listening to music or watching videos, bathroom side while listening to music or watching videos, multimedia products, electric stove, they are not new, the application of technology can find a breakthrough, or more to attract greater consumption is concerned?

Brand operation strategy unchanged

Appliances large profit margins for the industry booming, but manufacturers Most operators can not multi-brand, OEM or remain in another type of grass, some brandconscious companies, guided by the interests, the region seems wavering.Focus production in Zhejiang and Guangdong, remove the head, Shuaikang, Vantage, etc. ahead of things, like Europe, 10,000 Hi these are some well-known operator in the country, while the most recent star Kang Sok Hua as the revolution has yet to do the type of operation of the mark, here, is not under the effects caused by the heavy, manufacturers not see the need.

Integration of environmental protection should be further improved stoves

Integrated Huanbao kitchen with small features, powerful, but the market more quickly, but also in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other areas, marketing has become the size a set of five or six thousand of the stove in some shopping malls are still very small quantity. The expected integration of the Head Protection Environment United States, has become one copy target.However increased business approach, integrated into the kitchen production base Shenzhou, Zhejiang Province, garment industries and other home to go to electricity for cooking, for problems caused by the immature technology, often seem to use the exhaust gas is not good, clean Nangao issues, but useless for consumers to use their expertise to improve product performance, so that the company has faced investigations of key issues.

Update status of energy saving water heater

Gas, that hot, rapid heating water, solar, pump Heat ... ... The name of a series of dazzling water heaters, despite a wide range of purchase or the measure of a company, accordance with the Department of Statistics buyers, solar energy, going green, because the line of energy saving water heater pump Heat gradually sell well.

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