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Solar Well Pump Kits

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Solar water heater - Read before you buy

Solar water heaters very well qualify for the DIY project, but before beginning ago data you need to know. These will help to identify the exact needs and selection of solar water heater on the right to do so.

How it works

Solar water heaters use sunlight to heat water in a collector and hot water is stored in a storage tank for use. According to requirements can be hot water, used to power conventional water heater must pass energy little or no heat it further.

Types of solar water heaters

There are two types of solar water heater - active or passive systems assets being the most common.

Active solar water heaters based on active components such as electrical pumps to circulate water transmission fluids or other heat collectors.

These are the three types of active solar water heaters:

  • movement Direct systems use pumps to circulate water directly into the manifold and is suitable for areas that do not freeze for long periods and did not hurt / Acidic water
  • Traffic indirect use pumps to circulate systems transfer heat fluid in the collectors and the heat is transferred to water through heat exchangers.

Passive solar water heater depends on gravity and the natural circulation of hot water. No electrical components are used and, therefore they are more reliable.
The two most popular passive systems are:

  • collector storage systems integrated with storage tanks located in an isolated area and glazed side facing the sun. These solar collectors are suitable for areas where the temperature drops below freezing and warm water needs during the day / night. You lose all the night temperature does not well adapted to the needs tomorrow.
  • Thermo Systems Syphon systems rely on natural convection of warm water. As the water in the sensor Solar heated it becomes lighter and rises naturally into the reservoir above due to convection and cold water flows the collector, the improvement traffic. Some manufacturers place the storage tank in the attic of the house, hiding it from view.

Build or buy?
Commercially kits solar water heater or the whole system can be very expensive, but you can make one yourself with parts guide and available locally for less than $ 70!

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