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Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturing Companies

Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturing Companies

Have you ever wondered who leads the world in solar panel manufacturing?  Some well established big players are still forces to be reckoned with; however, there are many new players on the block that are giving the status quo a run for their money.  Several chinese companies are jumping into the mix and leveraging their expertise in low cost manufacturing.  While this may not be good news for the other solar panel manufacturers, the added competition is causing the price of solar panels to drop dramatically.  Recent data from GTM Research shows that China’s PV module manufacturing grew from 30 percent of the global total in 2007 to 40 percent in 2009. China’s three largest PV module manufacturers -- Suntech Power, Yingli Green Energy, and Trina Solar -- all rank in the top ten PV panel producers globally and account for a total of 1,941 MW of panel production in 2009.

These numbers are from a 2009 report from Photon International.  2010 is adding up to change the landscape a bit; but overall these are the companies to keep an eye on.  The total global installed PV power in 2009 was around 7.5-8.5GW.  The total production capacity of solar panels exceeded 12.5GW.

The top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers for 2009 are:

  1. 1100 MW First Solar
  2. 704 MW Suntech
  3. 595MW Sharp
  4. 586 MW Q-Cells
  5. 525 MW Yingli
  6. 520 MW JA Solar
  7. 400 MW Kyocera
  8. 399 MW Trina Solar
  9. 397 MW SunPower
  10. 368 MW Gintech

Thin film PV is on the rise and new manufacturing facilities have been coming online in 2010.  Thin film constituted  16.8% of total global PV manufacturing which is an increase of 12.5% from 2008. The top thirteen (the last four are tied) thin-film producers were:

  1. 1100.0 MW First Solar
  2. 123.4 MW United Solar Ovonic
  3. 94.0 MW Sharp
  4. 60.0 MW Sunfilm1
  5. 50.0 MW Trony
  6. 43.0 MW Solar Frontier
  7. 42.0 MW Mitsubishi
  8. 40.0 MW Kaneka
  9. 40.0 MW Moser Baer
  10. 30.0 MW Solyndra
  11. 30.0 MW Würth Solar
  12. 30.0 MW EPV
  13. 30.0 MW Bosch (formerly Ersol)

1 Estimated