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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator

vertical axis wind turbine generator vertical axis wind turbine generator What makes a network connection of wind turbines asynchronous controller that plugs into an outlet that does not use a UPS?

I induction motors washing machines, etc. that can be connected to vertical axis wind turbines. I am looking for a device that synchronizes the generator to the network in the U.S. if I can be connected to an electrical outlet at home, 20-50 AMP. Since the generator is an induction device, if the network fails, the generator stops generating, that's what I want. By synchronizing to the network which can avoid the cost of an investor and does not require batteries. Netmeter This would allow me to reduce my energy costs. You know what makes these devices interconnection?

If the generator is a classic "machine induction squirrel cage" and may simply connect to the network. No drivers are needed - as long as the turbine causes the machine to spin faster than its synchronous speed by nature is generated. And it is generally true that if the network fails, a machine of this type will generate. induction machines must be connected to a network that can provide reactive power to operate as generators. It is possible that if the network is down and the turbine continues turn, an induction generator can withstand open circuit voltage whenever it is no charge - a scenario unlikely, but it is something that the network provider worry about the device. However, the provider of local public services which require a certain form of protection in the interface to protect workers against hazards and to protect systems and equipment belonging to others Consumer issues related to the wind. So the question really should be asked is what type of protective device must provide - and that their company local electricity distribution can answer this question, as regards their policy. In most cases, you are directed provider device requiring prior approval. A company that manufactures such equipment is Beckwith Electric.