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Wind Turbine Induction Generator

wind turbine induction generator wind turbine induction generator

permanent magnet synchronous generator

The permanent magnet "> permanent magnet synchronous generator is considered the main source of electricity which is commonly used to convert the mechanical power from gas turbines, steam turbines, water turbines, wind turbines and reciprocating engines electricity for various purposes. Typically, these generators are known as synchronous generators operating at synchronous speed, which is equal to the speed of the rotor parts of the supply frequency.

Synchronous generator is excited by the high system energy permanent magnets or current carrying windings domain. Because of the relatively high number of poles, construction of permanent magnets to reduce backsheet and the yoke of the stator. The development of low-speed synchronous generators particularly innovative permanent magnets have been the attention of many people around the world.

There are many advantages of a target = "_blank" title = "generator permanent magnet synchronous "permanent> magnet synchronous generator, which are recruited below:

1: Relatively safe and stability during operation and requires no external power source, to excite your configuration.

2: The synchronous generators Do not use slip rings as in the case of other conventional generators, and are maintenance free and simple.

3: The generators offer high efficiency and power factor.

4: The synchronous generators are preferable to generating capacity asynchronous remarkably high, such as asynchronous use large reactive power and are therefore suitable for small capacities.

5: Regulation voltage can be achieved in target = "_blank" title = "permanent magnet synchronous generator"> permanent magnet synchronous generators which are not accessible in the induction generators.

6: In order to maintain the power factor, capacitors are not necessary in synchronous generators as in the case of induction generators.

About the Author

you can build your own permanent magnet synchronous generator by follwoing the step by step blueprints from magniwork. A lot of people around the world are generating their own free electricity with the permanent magnet synchronous generator.

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